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Ribbon Blenders

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Ribbon Blenders

The Ribbon Blender is a horizontal mixer. It has a ribbon type stirrer passing through its center. This ribbon type  stirrer has flaps attached to it. As the ribbon type stirrer rotates on its axis the flaps attached to it churns the contents present in the mixer. This ribbon type stirring goes on for a definite duration and ultimately you get a proper mix of contents as per your need. The Ribbon Mixer can be used for various types of industrial mixes including dry mixes as well as wet pastes. A semi solid and semi liquid mix can be formed using the Ribbon Blender. Mixing of granules and powders is efficient through such Ribbon mixers.

How does it Work?

The efficient technique of the Ribbon Mixer makes stirring swift and easy. All you need to do just loads the contents that need to be mixed thoroughly in the mixer. Choose the duration and switch it on. The efficient ribbon blenders will churn the material to give you the finest results as per your specifications. These mixers are so efficient enough to blend sticky substances to produce a consistent mixers.

Special Features

  • Work volume of 50KG to 1500 KG with bulk density of 0.50 grams/cc.

  • Contact parts made of  customer requirement.

  • Double Helical agitator  with single speed for uniform dry mix and perfect wet mix.

  • The general structure Ribbon Blender has non-contact parts made of  customer requirement.

  • The GMP models non-contact parts are made of stainless steel 304

  • The contact parts of the blender have a mirror finish

  • All the non-contact parts are polished in matt finished in GMP Models.

  • In GMP model, all the safety guards and covers are made of Stainless steel 304

Special Demand Features

  • You can choose to get the parts of your blender designed with Stainless steel 316

  • We can customize a variable speed drive or a double speed stirrer as per your choice.

  • Being finest Ribbon Blender Manufacturers, we even create flameproof models on special customer demand.